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Have you read all the self-help books but still need help…?


This course will guide you through ensuring you become skilled in:

dropping into your heart-space to manifest your heart’s longings

setting intentions and goals

loving yourself

thinking positively

releasing limiting beliefs

appreciation and gratitude


The course is aimed at anyone who deeply desires and is committed to improving their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, their relationships and lifestyle, and to finding more joy in their daily life.


It has been written specifically by Tracy to share with others her own use of the concepts which enabled her to become a ‘cancer thriver’ i.e. someone whose life is immeasurably better after learning the skills to take ownership of their health and well-being.


Sessions are spaced at least 3 weeks apart, in between there will be some ‘heartwork’ to do. The course is held in small groups so that individual guidance is assured and it can also be held on a one-to-one basis. Places are limited.


Previous participants have improved their relationships, well-being, positive thinking, health, flow of money and work. Some have found new partners, jobs and homes.


this course is life-changing


‘I wish I had been able to do this course 20 plus years ago!’


‘this course puts you on the right path for complete success, health, wealth and abundance’

I now feel in control of my destiny’

‘it will help you live in your heartspace rather than your headspace’

‘I now have all the tools to improve my life, the future is no longer scary’

I have discovered how to love myself – this is an amazing feeling – I am so grateful



Course Outline


Session 1 – Appreciation and Gratitude


Session 2 – Learning to Love Ourselves and Live from Our Hearts


Session 3 – Intentions, Affirmations and Visualisations


Session 4 – Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs and Resistance to Change


Session 5 – Setting Goals, Being Creative, Daily Life


Session 6 – The World We Live In


Certificate of Completion awarded at the end with Personal Development CPD hours.



Required reading before starting the course is at least one of the following books:


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen by Patricia Crane

Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain





One-to-One (in person or on-line): £420 up front or multiple payments of: 2 x £210 or 4 x £105. Advantage: individual and personalised tuition with benefit of setting own times for sessions. Each session up to one and a half hours.


Small In Person Groups of 3 participants in Braunton: £360 each up front or multiple payments of 2 x £180 or 4 x £90 – deposit of 10% required to secure your place subtracted from first payment. Earlybird reductions. Advantage – being part of a small group and learning from others. Includes a one-to-one 20 minute individual call during or after the course. Sessions up to two and a quarter hours.

Dates for group sessions 2024

If you have some other dates in mind with friends to form a group, either in person or on-line, please enquire.

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