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Tracy and Greg are extremely gifted, gentle and intuitive healers, while also practical, insightful and thorough. Their clear feedback and after-care advice takes healing to a new level, they both have great depths of natural healing ability. I have received healings around the world for over fifteen years and these treatments are by far the most powerful and effective I have ever been given.


They are both truly gifted professional healers. They are highly trained, walk their talk, and are knowledgeable at working with and combining so many healing techniques together.


I decided I wanted to try a natural way of sorting my body out. All my consultations with Tracy and Greg are over the phone, which is wonderful. My first conversation with Greg, who is very polite, friendly, and professional was to find out my symptoms and if I had any allergies. From that he was able to tell me what supplements to buy. My sessions with Tracy are amazing!! In my opinion Tracy you are a miracle worker. I feel so much better and so positive. My treatment with Tracy and Greg is still happily on going. But I advise anyone who is looking for a natural way to get themselves better contact Inspirit-Wellbeing. I’m truly glad I did.




I first came to healings as I’d been feeling ‘out of sorts’ for some time. I was very nervous about attending healing sessions in case I had to talk about myself and analyse emotions and feelings – I couldn’t articulate what was troubling me. Thankfully Tracy has taken me on a healing journey that I feel comfortable with and at a pace that is right for me. It has given me great insight into how past events can still trouble you in the present and how this affects your health and well-being. I wish this therapy was available on the NHS to everyone – I can’t recommend it enough.  


Before healing with Tracy, walking was very difficult due to experiencing bad chest pain. The heart specialist gave me the all clear. Tracy gave me the first healing session and the next day the pain was reduced by 85%. After more healing I now have no problems at all. (Distance Healing) during the healing I see lots of colours and even feel Tracy with me too. It is amazing to think healings works at the large distance of 16,500kms (10,000miles) away.


After my first session with Tracy long standing abdominal stomach tension was released. I continue to feel lighter, stronger and in control again with a sense of freedom & calm. I have found Tracy’s gentle, intuitive, relaxed & patient approach to her energy healing sessions incredibly powerful and life changing.




I have known Greg Ham for over 2 decades, most recently tapping into Greg’s expertise in the use of traditional therapies for the treatment of cancer. His advice suggested adopting a hybrid approach, with application of western and traditional therapies. This approach has resulted in a reduction of Prostrate carcinoma (Gleeson 9), and Metastases to 0.01 (undetectable). Greg’s treatment advice extended to include meta-research in the successful use of nutrition, medicinal and traditional therapies. Moreover, Greg successfully practiced distant energy work so to maintain healing over global distances for me.

Greg counselled me as to the sources of his meta-research, books, articles, and white papers, so to deepen my understanding of what is required for the use of these curative therapies. I am indebted to Greg, his knowledge, skills, practice, and patience. I recommend those afflicted by cancer or considering a more preventative approach to seek Greg’s consult.

I came to see Greg to help me take back control of my life after negative relationships in my childhood and adult life had left me feeling anxious, afraid, disempowered and unhappy.  This had not been helped by prolonged illness. I have found Greg to be kind, supportive, non judgemental and above all an inspirational healer. I am feeling more positive about my life and able to move forward to do the things I want to do and achieve things I was not able to do before.


I had healing sessions with Greg  and found them powerful energetically. It’s not something I know how to define in words, but a knowing something was at work within my body. I also appreciate his non-judgmental clarity in guidance and support. With Greg, there is always a feeling of openhearted simplicity, generosity and joy.


Before healing I had chronic back pain. I have had a long journey, it has opened me up and given me an alternate perspective on a lot of life in general and ways in which I used to treat myself. I have learnt a lot more about how to live and how important it is to live a lifestyle you can cope with. I am eternally grateful to Greg!